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The global leader in brain health

Diagnosing, treating, and helping patients recover
from brain injuries.

“The brain is your greatest asset”

MindWellMed is a leader in the assessment and treatment of brain injuries.  Our propriety brain evaluation and MindPoint™ therapy is helping patients recover from injuries that previously were thought to have life-long impact.  We focus on identifying the root cause of our patients’ symptoms and then combine the best, scientifically proven treatments to create effective, personalized treatments to restore function and quality of life.

Brian’s Story

Medical Advisory Board


David Berg

Co-Founder of Arrowhead Health Centers and Chairman of Redirect Health


Jonny Lifshitz

Director of the Translational Neurotrauma Research Program (Barrow/University of Arizona/Veteran’s Administration)


Evan Mladenoff

Founder of the Mladenoff Clinic and consultant to the former Kansas City Chiefs and multiple national and Olympic sporting organizations


James Lyons

Founder, Associated Radiology