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Walk, Stretch Or Dance? Dancing May Be Best For The Brain

Walk, Stretch or Dance? Dancing May Be Best for the Brain

Could learning to dance the minuet or fandango help to protect our brains from aging? A new study that compared the neurological effects of country dancing with those of walking and other activities suggests that there may be something unique…

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Buzzing the Brain with Electricity Can Boost Working Memory

Scientists have uncovered a method for improving short-term working memory, by stimulating the brain with electricity to synchronise brain waves. In the trial, carried out in collaboration with University College London, the team used a technique called transcranial alternating current…

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Why You Should Be Freeing Your Brain & Body of Toxins

With age comes a tendency to rely on feeling that symptoms of memory loss, lack of focus, headaches, and fatigue are normal. However, let’s explore the proper explanation for these feelings as: Toxins are a silent killer. Joseph Pizzorno, ND addresses this very idea in…

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