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Thank you for taking an interest in Mind Well Med and my own personal dream of making concussion care and brain health programs accessible and affordable for young athletes, military personnel and others who desperately need help with this life-changing concern.

brianfootballDuring my 13 seasons as a tight end and long snapper for the San Francisco 49ers I experienced my fair share of injuries, including concussions.  But even though I suffered physical trauma on a regular basis, I never missed a single game, resulting in a career total of 208 consecutive games.  I accomplished this feat not because I was healthy, but because I learned how to recover from injuries, including football concussions.

Since my first game when I was 14 years-old, I fell in love with football.  Every single aspect of the game heightened my senses and brought me a feeling of power and purpose; the smell of freshly-cut grass, the adrenaline rush of meeting the opponent on the field, and the sound of the crowd cheering fueled a greater feeling of working together with my teammates to accomplish a shared goal.  I couldn’t imagine my life without the game and the motivating feelings it awakened inside of me, so when I entered the National Football League (NFL), I made it my mission to play as long as I could and never let my teammates down.

That personal mission led me to train and recover with an uncommon devotion. I began researching every aspect of human performance.  What I discovered was an array of traditionally unconventional medical treatments and providers who helped me create a personal plan to meet each of my physical goals; including how to recuperate quickly from inevitable sports concussions.  But what surprised me even more was that while I was exploring my healing options I realized a second passion for healthcare and the science of the human body.  I looked at my body as a tool and it became my personal experiment. I was intrigued by the thought of manipulating my body to achieve my goals.  How could I maintain focus and performance in any circumstance by using the help of world-class professionals to actively treat injuries, restore function, and improve peak performance?

brianfootball2With the help of my healthcare partners, I created my own head trauma emergency kit and carried it with me to every game.  Anytime I suspected I might have had a concussion, I would immediately take my doctor-recommended nutraceuticals.  Every time I did this, my symptoms of headaches, memory loss, unconsciousness, nausea, pain, discomfort and depression would subside much faster than without the supplements.  What I discovered was a repeatable way to recover from concussion.

Since I became aware of concussions, they have been ‘treated’ with rest and pain medications, but since retiring from the NFL, it has become apparent to me that people are suffering from traumatic brain injury, post concussive syndrome and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in significant numbers.  Young people, amateur athletes and military personnel are experiencing concussions that result in lifelong effect on memory, intellect, and career opportunities.  Other statistics show that concussions have lead to substance abuse, depression and increased risk of incarceration and suicide.  These life-altering events do not have to be defining moments in people’s lives and it’s clear that the traditional concussion care standard of prescribing rest and pharmaceutical drugs isn’t good enough.

Today, my mission is to make concussion care easy and affordable and to do whatever it takes to help those who suffer from unnecessary, treatable concussion symptoms.  In 2014, I created Mind Well Med with the help of entrepreneurs and medical experts to address the need for concussion education, baseline testing and effective recovery solutions.  Mind Well Med’s Recovery Program has been clinically-proven as the most effective way to recover from concussions, head trauma, and improve brain health.  This new approach to concussion care and brain health has allowed us to organize a system with powerful, measurable, repeatable and affordable results.

Brian Jennings Founder, MindWellMed