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Stressful Events Can Age The Brain By Up To 4 Years

Stressful Events Can Age the Brain by up to 4 Years

Poorer thinking skills, a decline in memory—this is your brain on stress, a new study finds. Stressful life events—like being fired from a job, getting divorced, or fighting in a war—can age the brain by up to four years, according to…

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Ice Bath Benefits And Your Brain

Ice Bath Benefits and Your Brain

Cold water immersion activates the body’s natural healing powers that can relieve the symptoms of many medical conditions and promote a sense of health and well-being. And when practiced on a regular basis, cold water immersion can even provide long-lasting…

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How Stress Affects Your Brain, And Simple Techniques To Reduce Stress And Develop Greater Resilience

How Stress Affects Your Brain, and Simple Techniques to Reduce Stress and Develop Greater Resilience

Among all the factors contributing to poor health and early death, stress is perhaps the most pernicious. In bygone days, the stress response was a lifesaving biological function, enabling us to run from predators or take down prey. But today,…

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Sound Waves: An Rx For High Blood Pressure, Migraine?

Sound Waves: An Rx for High Blood Pressure, Migraine?

Sound Therapy Balances Brain Signals, Researcher Says. A new sound-based therapy appears to reduce blood pressure and ease migraine symptoms, according to a pair of small studies. The therapy initially reads brain activity through scalp sensors. That activity is then…

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Top 5 Powerful Benefits Of Cannabidiol

Top 5 Powerful Benefits of Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol oil, or CBD, is growing in popularity because more and more people are becoming aware of its effectiveness. There are many ways that you can benefit from using Cannabidiol oil. Here are the main benefits of cannabidiol oil: Stress…

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