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Have the freedom and resources available to you to make progress at home.

Symptoms we treat:

Brain Fog
Difficulty Communicating
Difficulty Sleeping
Digestion Problems
Memory Loss/Poor Memory
Poor Organization
Slow Processing Speed

Symptoms we don’t treat:

Current drug or alcohol dependency
Life-threatening injuries

Thank you so much for caring for me the way you do. I really do feel valued and respected during our visits. It is a very refreshing, safe, and positive environment.

Case Studies

Electric Stimulation of the Brain Boosts Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills

Electrical brain stimulation can improve people's ability to think creatively, research says. They became better at solving little arithmetic problems which…

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Why Do Thyroid Disorders Affect Women More Often Than Men?

Here’s what to know about thyroid dysfunction — and how to get tested. Although millions of men experience thyroid dysfunction,…

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