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Transform your life with better brain health

"I feel like I’m back to normal…I’m going to be able to live a happy and fulfilling and long life."
- Linda

Improve your brain and your life with our personalized
assessment and therapy


Brain Evaluation

QEEG Brain Mapping
Neuropsychological Assessment
Neuro-Coordination Testing
Reporting of Findings
Personalized treatment program


MindWell Therapy

Neurofeedback: Rebalance brain waves
LED Light Therapy: Reduce brain inflammation
Coordination Therapy: Restore physical coordination
Soft Laser: Reset nervous system
Supplements: Reduce inflammation and increase production of neurotransmitters


Brighter Future

Optimize function
Live your best life
Reduction of symptoms
Clarity of thoughts
Emotional stability
Healthier Life
Return to work/school/activities